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Parents With Kids
We are a talented team of creative parents, artists, writers and educators who want to create the best educational source and TV characters to use as role models for our children.

​We believe educating a child in knowledge, while leaving it to grow without values, is a major educational failure for us as parents.

Soon after that, we made our first video on the value of Love, we found out that it was just the thing that people all over the world were looking for.

Why Choose Us?

As parents ourselves, we want to give other parents and teachers a source of high-quality educational videos and materials that are enjoyable to watch for both children and adults.

Our Mission

Is to combine the best technology and world class creative talent to develop the best source of educational, fun and safe entertainment products for your children.

Our Aim

Is to help children build a strong character with proper values, and we will be honored to be a part of your child’s education.

Parent’s Testimonials
Meet The Team 
Adel Ben Hamu
Screenwriting & Education Adviser
During my job as Ministry of Education & Director,
I gained extensive experience in leading crews of principals and teachers, while coordinating with academics and organizations.

Haim Zeherman
Chief Technology Officer
Years of experience and a solid understanding of technical development issues, sales, marketing and operations as related to product design, development and manufacture.

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