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Core Values
Just as children must be taught to tie their shoes, read and write and solve math problems, so they must be guided in developing the qualities of character that will be valued by their families and by the people surrounding them.

Preschool years are the most critical years for laying a foundation for the rest of your children lives.

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be good and responsible people. We want them to think and act with respect for themselves and for others. In short – we want them, to develop a strong character!

It is only through guidance and modeling, our children could learn to be honest and thoughtful, to stand up for their principles and making the right moral choices salesshow detailsfrom this source. Through a series of educational cartoon movies, OhIdiD will provide the values and skills that make up a strong character and what you as a parent can do, to help them develop it.

Be assured that the values discussed in our series, are universally recognized by people of many religions and cultures so that the quality videos can be used by parents and teachers from different backgrounds and beliefs.

“We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values” – Jerry Springer

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